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Man Pages in section 8 (System administration commands)

- starting with A:

ab accept accessdb activate
addgroup adduser apache apache-modconf
apacheconfig apachectl apt apt-cache
apt-cdrom apt-config apt-get apt-setup
aptitude arp atd atrun

- starting with B:

badblocks base-config blkid blockdev

- starting with C:

catman cfdisk changeaudiocddev checkgid
checkpassword check_forensic chpasswd chroot
cleanup-info clock comsat consolechars
cramfsck cron cups-polld cupsaccept
cupsaddsmb cupsd cupsdisable cupsenable
cupsreject cytune

- starting with D:

debugfs debugreiserfs delgroup deluser
depmod desktop-file-install devdump dhclient
dhclient-script disable dmesg dpasswd
dpkg dpkg-divert dpkg-preconfigure dpkg-query
dpkg-reconfigure dpkg-split dpkg-statoverride dselect
dumpe2fs dwww dwww-build dwww-build-menu
dwww-cache dwww-convert dwww-find dwww-format-man
dwww-index++ dwww-quickfind dwww-txt2html

- starting with E:

e2fsck e2image e2label elvtune
enable exicyclog exigrep exim
eximstats exim_checkaccess exim_convert4r4 exim_db
exim_dbmbuild exim_dumpdb exim_fixdb exim_lock
exim_tidydb exinext exipick exiqgrep
exiqsumm exiwhat

- starting with F:

faillog fdformat fdisk fdutilsconfig
filefrag findfs fmtutil fsck
fsck.ext2 fsck.ext3 fsck.minix fsck.nfs

- starting with G:

gdm gdmchooser gdmflexiserver gdmlogin
genksyms getkeycodes getty groupadd
groupdel groupmod grpck grpconv

- starting with H:

halt hdparm hwclock

- starting with I:

iconvconfig identd ifconfig ifdown
ifup ikeygen in.comsat in.fingerd
in.identtestd in.ntalkd in.talkd inetd
init insmod install-docs install-info
install-keymap install-mbr install-sgmlcatalog installkernel
intro invoke-rc.d ip6tables ip6tables-restore
ip6tables-save ipchains ipchains-restore ipchains-save
ipcrm ipcs ipfwadm ipfwadm-ipchainsalternative
ipfwadm-wrapper ipmasqadm ippool iptables
iptables-restore iptables-save isodump isoinfo
isovfy ispell-autobuildhash ispellconfig

- starting with K:

kallsyms kbdconfig kbdrate kcron
kernel-packageconfig kerneld keytab-lilo killall5
klogd ksyms ksysv kuser

- starting with L:

lastlog ld-linux ld-linux.so ld.so
ldconfig lilo lilo.real liloconfig
lilo_find_mbr locale-gen logresolve logrotate
logsave losetup lpadmin lpinfo
lpmove lsmod lsof lspci

- starting with M:

magicfilter magicfilterconfig MAKEDEV MAKEFLOPPIES
mandb mii-tool mkboot mkcramfs
mke2fs mkfontdesc mkfs mkfs.ext2
mkfs.ext3 mkfs.minix mkfs.reiserfs mkhybrid
mkinitrd mkisofs mklost+found mkreiserfs
mkrescue mkswap mktexfmt mkzftree
mk_modmap modclean modconf modinfo
modprobe modules-config mount mtr

- starting with N:

nameif netstat newusers nsupdate

- starting with O:


- starting with P:

pam_getenv paperconfig pcimodules pidof
ping pivot_root plipconfig poweroff
pwck pwconv pwunconv

- starting with Q:

qmail-clean qmail-command qmail-getpw qmail-inject
qmail-local qmail-lspawn qmail-newmrh qmail-newu
qmail-pop3d qmail-popup qmail-pw2u qmail-qmqpc
qmail-qmqpd qmail-qmtpd qmail-qread qmail-qstat
qmail-queue qmail-remote qmail-rspawn qmail-send
qmail-showctl qmail-smtpd qmail-start qmail-tcpok

- starting with R:

ramsize rarp raw rdev
reboot reiserfsck reiserfstune reject
remove-default-ispell remove-default-wordlist resize2fs resize_reiserfs
rmmod rmt rmt-tar rootflags
rotatelogs route rpcinfo rpm
rpm2cpio rpmbuild rpmdb rpme
rpmi rpmquery rpmsign rpmu
rpmverify run-parts runlevel

- starting with S:

safe_finger savelog scrollkeeper-preinstall scrollkeeper-rebuilddb
scrollkeeper-update secpolicy select-default-ispell select-default-wordlist
setkeycodes setlogcons setpci setserial
setsid setvesablank sfdisk sftp-server
shadowconfig shutdown slattach snort
snort-stat splogger squid squid_ldap_group
squid_unix_group ssh-keysign sshd start-stop-daemon
sudo suexec sulogin swapoff
swapon sysctl sysklogd syslog-facility
syslog2eximlog syslogd syslogd-listfiles

- starting with T:

talkd tasksel tcpd tcpdchk
tcpdmatch telinit termwrap texlinks
traceroute traceroute.lbl try-from tune2fs
tunelp tzselect tzsetup

- starting with U:

umount unix_chkpwd update-alternatives update-auctex-elisp
update-auctex-install update-ca-certificates update-catalog update-default-aspell
update-default-ispell update-default-wordlist update-dictcommon-aspell update-exim4.conf
update-exim4.conf.template update-exim4defaults update-flashplugin update-fmtutil
update-fonts-alias update-fonts-dir update-fonts-scale update-inetd
update-ispell-dictionary update-lilo update-mime update-modules
update-mozilla-chrome update-openoffice-dicts update-passwd update-pciids
update-rc.d update-texmf update-updmap update-xmlcatalog
update-xpdfrc useradd userdel usermod

- starting with V:

validlocale vidmode vigr vipw
visudo vmstat

- starting with W:

wm-menu-config writevt

- starting with Z:


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