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Man Pages in section 5 (File formats)

- starting with A:

acct addresses adduser.conf american
american-english apt.conf apt_preferences at.allow

- starting with B:


- starting with C:

charmap classes.conf complex crontab

- starting with D:

deb deb-control deb-old default.session
deluser.conf dhclient.conf dhclient.leases dhcp-options
dhcp-options-dhclient dictionary.lst dir_colors dot-qmail
dpkg.cfg dselect.cfg dwww.conf

- starting with E:

elf elinks.conf elinkskeys envelopes
environ ethers

- starting with F:

faillog fmtutil.cnf fonts-conf fs

- starting with G:

gimprc gimprc-2.2 groff_font groff_out
groff_tmac group

- starting with H:

hesiod.conf host.conf hosts hosts.allow
hosts.deny hosts.equiv hosts_access hosts_options

- starting with I:

inetd.conf info initscript inittab
interfaces intro ipc ispell

- starting with J:


- starting with K:

kdm.options kernel-img.conf kernel-package kernel-pkg.conf

- starting with L:

ldap.conf lgrindef libao.conf libvga.config
libvga.et4000 lilo.conf limits.conf locale
locale.alias locale.gen locatedb login.access

- starting with M:

magic mailcap mailcap.order maildir
mailname manpath mbox mbox
menufile mime.convs mime.types mkinitrd.conf
mng modules modules.conf moduli
motd mtools mtools.conf muttrc

- starting with N:

nanorc networks nfs nologin
nsswitch.conf ntp.conf

- starting with P:

pam papersize passwd pbm
pgm png pnm porttime
ppm printers.conf proc procmailex
procmailrc procmailsc protocols

- starting with Q:

qmail-control qmail-header qmail-log qmail-users

- starting with R:

razor-agent.conf razor-agents razor-whitelist rcS
rcsfile resolv.conf resolver rpc

- starting with S:

scrollkeeper.conf securetty services shadow
shells slabinfo sources.list sshd_config
ssh_config sudoers svgalibrc sysctl.conf

- starting with T:

term termcap terminfo texinfo
timidity.cfg tzfile

- starting with U:

ucf.conf utmp uuencode

- starting with V:


- starting with W:


- starting with X:

xdm.options xfs.options xpdfrc Xsession
Xsession.options Xwrapper.config

- starting with Y:


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