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Man Pages in section 3menu (ncurses - SVR4 compatible screen menus)

- starting with A:


- starting with C:

current_item cursor

- starting with D:


- starting with F:

format free_item free_menu

- starting with H:


- starting with I:

items item_count item_description item_index
item_init item_name item_opts item_opts_off
item_opts_on item_term item_userptr item_value

- starting with M:

mark menu menu_attributes menu_back
menu_current menu_cursor menu_driver menu_fore
menu_format menu_grey menu_hook menu_init
menu_items menu_mark menu_name menu_new
menu_opts menu_opts_off menu_opts_on menu_pad
menu_pattern menu_post menu_requestname menu_request_by_name
menu_request_name menu_spacing menu_sub menu_term
menu_userptr menu_value menu_visible menu_win
mitem_current mitem_name mitem_new mitem_opts
mitem_userptr mitem_value mitem_visible

- starting with N:

new new_item new_menu

- starting with O:


- starting with P:

pattern post post_menu pos_menu_cursor

- starting with R:


- starting with S:

scale_menu set_current_item set_item_init set_item_opts
set_item_term set_item_userptr set_item_value set_menu_back
set_menu_fore set_menu_format set_menu_grey set_menu_init
set_menu_items set_menu_mark set_menu_opts set_menu_pad
set_menu_pattern set_menu_spacing set_menu_sub set_menu_term
set_menu_userptr set_menu_win set_top_row spacing

- starting with T:


- starting with U:

unpost_menu userptr

- starting with W:


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