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Man Pages in section 3 (Library functions)

- starting with A:

a64l abort abs acos
acosf acosh acoshf acoshl
acosl addmntent addseverity aio_cancel
aio_error aio_fsync aio_read aio_return
aio_suspend aio_write alloca alphasort
argz_add argz_add_sep argz_append argz_count
argz_create argz_create_sep argz_delete argz_extract
argz_insert argz_next argz_replace argz_stringify
asctime asctime_r asin asinf
asinh asinhf asinhl asinl
asprintf assert assert_perror atan
atan2 atan2f atan2l atanf
atanh atanhf atanhl atanl
atexit atof atoi atol
atoll atoq authnone_create authunix_create
authunix_create_default auth_destroy

- starting with B:

basename bcmp bcopy ber_alloc_t
ber_first_element ber_flush ber_get_bitstring ber_get_boolean
ber_get_enum ber_get_int ber_get_next ber_get_null
ber_get_stringa ber_get_stringb ber_next_element ber_peek_tag
ber_printf ber_put_enum ber_put_int ber_put_null
ber_put_ostring ber_put_seq ber_put_set ber_put_string
ber_scanf ber_skip_tag ber_start_set bindresvport
bindtextdomain bind_textdomain_codeset Blt_Tree Blt_TreeCreate
Blt_TreeCreateNode Blt_TreeDeleteNode Blt_TreeExists Blt_TreeGetNode
Blt_TreeGetToken Blt_TreeName Blt_TreeNodeId Blt_TreeReleaseToken
bsearch bstring btowc btree
byteorder bzero

- starting with C:

cabs cabsf cabsl cacos
cacosf cacosh cacoshf cacoshl
cacosl calloc callrpc carg
cargf cargl casin casinf
casinh casinhf casinhl casinl
catan catanf catanh catanhf
catanhl catanl catclose catgets
catopen cbc_crypt cbrt cbrtf
cbrtl ccos ccosf ccosh
ccoshf ccoshl ccosl ceil
ceilf ceill cerf cerfc
cerfcf cerfcl cerff cerfl
cexp cexp2 cexp2f cexp2l
cexpf cexpl cfgetispeed cfgetospeed
cfmakeraw cfree cfsetispeed cfsetospeed
cimag cimagf cimagl clearenv
clearerr clearerr_unlocked clntraw_create clnttcp_create
clntudp_bufcreate clntudp_create clnt_broadcast clnt_call
clnt_control clnt_create clnt_destroy clnt_freeres
clnt_geterr clnt_pcreateerror clnt_perrno clnt_perror
clnt_spcreateerror clnt_sperrno clnt_sperror clock
clock_getres clock_gettime clock_settime clog
clog10 clog10f clog10l clog2
clog2f clog2l clogf clogl
closedir closelog cmsg CMSG_ALIGN
conj conjf conjl copysign
copysignf copysignl cos cosf
cosh coshf coshl cosl
cpow cpowf cpowl cproj
cprojf cprojl creal crealf
creall crypt csin csinf
csinh csinhf csinhl csinl
csqrt csqrtf csqrtl ctan
ctanf ctanh ctanhf ctanhl
ctanl ctermid ctime ctime_r

- starting with D:

daemon db dbopen dcgettext
dcngettext des_crypt des_setparity dgettext
dialog difftime dirfd dirname
div dladdr dlclose dlerror
dlopen dlsym dlvsym dl_iterate_phdr
dngettext dn_comp dn_expand dprintf
drand48 drand48_r drem dremf
dreml dysize

- starting with E:

ecb_crypt ecvt ecvt_r encrypt
endaliasent endfsent endgrent endhostent
endmntent endnetent endnetgrent endprotoent
endpwent endrpcent endservent endspent
endttyent endusershell endutent endutxent
envz_add envz_entry envz_get envz_merge
envz_remove envz_strip erand48 erand48_r
erf erfc erfcf erfcl
erff erfl err errno
errx ether_aton ether_aton_r ether_hostton
ether_line ether_ntoa ether_ntoa_r ether_ntohost
exec execl execle execlp
execv execvp exit exp
exp10 exp10f exp10l exp2
exp2f exp2l expf expl
expm1 expm1f expm1l

- starting with F:

fabs fabsf fabsl FcAtomicCreate
FcAtomicDeleteNew FcAtomicDestroy FcAtomicLock FcAtomicNewFile
FcAtomicOrigFile FcAtomicReplaceOrig FcAtomicUnlock FcBlanksAdd
FcBlanksCreate FcBlanksDestroy FcBlanksIsMember FcCharSetAddChar
FcCharSetCopy FcCharSetCount FcCharSetCreate FcCharSetDestroy
FcCharSetEqual FcCharSetFirstPage FcCharSetHasChar FcCharSetIntersect
FcCharSetIntersectCount FcCharSetIsSubset FcCharSetNextPage FcCharSetSubtract
FcCharSetSubtractCount FcCharSetUnion FcConfigAppFontAddDir FcConfigAppFontAddFile
FcConfigAppFontClear FcConfigBuildFonts FcConfigCreate FcConfigDestroy
FcConfigFilename FcConfigGetBlanks FcConfigGetCache FcConfigGetConfigDirs
FcConfigGetConfigFiles FcConfigGetCurrent FcConfigGetFontDirs FcConfigGetFonts
FcConfigGetRescanInverval FcConfigParseAndLoad FcConfigSetCurrent FcConfigSetRescanInverval
FcConfigSubstitute FcConfigSubstituteWithPat FcConfigUptoDate FcDefaultSubstitute
FcDirCacheValid FcDirSave FcDirScan FcFileScan
FcFini FcFontList FcFontMatch FcFontRenderPrepare
FcFontSetAdd FcFontSetCreate FcFontSetDestroy FcFontSort
FcFreeTypeCharIndex FcFreeTypeCharSet FcFreeTypeQuery FcGetVersion
FcInit FcInitBringUptoDate FcInitLoadConfig FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts
FcInitReinitialize fclose fcloseall FcMatrixCopy
FcMatrixEqual FcMatrixInit FcMatrixMultiply FcMatrixRotate
FcMatrixScale FcMatrixShear FcNameConstant FcNameGetConstant
FcNameGetObjectType FcNameParse FcNameRegisterConstants FcNameRegisterObjectTypes
FcNameUnparse FcNameUnregisterConstants FcNameUnregisterObjectTypes FcObjectSetAdd
FcObjectSetBuild FcObjectSetCreate FcObjectSetDestroy FcPatternAdd
FcPatternAdd-Type FcPatternAddWeak FcPatternBuild FcPatternCreate
FcPatternDel FcPatternDestroy FcPatternEqual FcPatternEqualSubset
FcPatternGet FcPatternGet-Type FcPatternHash FcPatternPrint
FcPatternRemove FcStrBasename FcStrCmpIgnoreCase FcStrCopy
FcStrCopyFilename FcStrDirname FcStrDowncase FcStrListCreate
FcStrListDone FcStrListNext FcStrSetAdd FcStrSetAddFilename
FcStrSetCreate FcStrSetDel FcStrSetDestroy FcStrSetMember
FcStrStr FcStrStrIgnoreCase FcUcs4ToUtf8 FcUtf16Len
FcUtf16ToUcs4 FcUtf8Len FcUtf8ToUcs4 FcValueDestroy
FcValueSave fcvt fcvt_r fdim
fdimf fdiml fdopen feclearexcept
fedisableexcept feenableexcept fegetenv fegetexcept
fegetexceptflag fegetround feholdexcept fenv
feof feof_unlocked feraiseexcept ferror
ferror_unlocked fesetenv fesetexceptflag fesetround
fetestexcept feupdateenv fflush fflush_unlocked
ffs ffsl ffsll fgetc
fgetc_unlocked fgetgrent fgetgrent_r fgetpos
fgetpwent fgetpwent_r fgets fgetspent
fgetspent_r fgets_unlocked fgetwc fgetwc_unlocked
fgetws fgetws_unlocked fileno fileno_unlocked
finite finitef finitel flockfile
floor floorf floorl fma
fmaf fmal fmax fmaxf
fmaxl fmin fminf fminl
fmod fmodf fmodl fmtmsg
fnmatch fopen forkpty fpathconf
fpclassify fprintf fpurge fputc
fputc_unlocked fputs fputs_unlocked fputwc
fputwc_unlocked fputws fputws_unlocked fread
fread_unlocked free freeaddrinfo freehostent
freopen frexp fscanf fseek
fseeko fsetpos ftell ftello
ftime ftok ftrylockfile fts
fts_children fts_close fts_open fts_read
fts_set ftw funlockfile fwide
fwprintf fwrite fwrite_unlocked

- starting with G:

gai_strerror gamma gammaf gammal
gcvt getaddrinfo getaliasbyname getaliasbyname_r
getaliasent getaliasent_r getc getchar
getchar_unlocked getcwd getc_unlocked getdate
getdate_r getdelim getdirentries getenv
getfsent getfsfile getfsspec getgrent
getgrent_r getgrgid getgrgid_r getgrnam
getgrnam_r getgrouplist gethostbyaddr gethostbyname
gethostbyname2 gethostbyname2_r gethostbyname_r gethostent
gethostent_r getipnodebyaddr getipnodebyname getline
getloadavg getlogin getlogin_r getmntent
getmntent_r getnameinfo getnetbyaddr getnetbyname
getnetent getnetgrent getnetgrent_r getopt
getopt_long getopt_long_only getpass getprotobyname
getprotobynumber getprotoent getpt getpw
getpwent getpwent_r getpwnam getpwnam_r
getpwuid getpwuid_r getrpcbyname getrpcbynumber
getrpcent getrpcport gets getservbyname
getservbyport getservent getspent getspent_r
getspnam getspnam_r gettext getttyent
getttynam getumask getusershell getutent
getutent_r getutid getutid_r getutline
getutline_r getutxent getutxid getutxline
getw getwc getwchar getwchar_unlocked
getwc_unlocked getwd get_current_dir_name get_myaddress
glob globfree gmtime gmtime_r
grantpt gsignal gsl

- starting with H:

hash hasmntopt hcreate hcreate_r
hdestroy hdestroy_r herror hesiod
hesiod_end hesiod_free_list hesiod_free_passwd hesiod_free_postoffice
hesiod_free_servent hesiod_getmailhost hesiod_getpwnam hesiod_getpwuid
hesiod_getservbyname hesiod_init hesiod_resolve hesiod_to_bind
hsearch hsearch_r hstrerror htonl
hypot hypotf hypotl

- starting with I:

iconv iconv_close iconv_open ilogb
ilogbf ilogbl imaxabs imaxdiv
index inet inet_addr inet_aton
inet_lnaof inet_makeaddr inet_netof inet_network
inet_ntoa inet_ntop inet_pton INFINITY
initgroups initstate innetgr insque
intro iruserok isalnum isalpha
isascii isatty isblank iscntrl
isdigit isfinite isgraph isgreater
isgreaterequal isinf isinff isinfl
isless islessequal islessgreater islower
isnan isnormal isprint ispunct
isspace isunordered isupper iswalnum
iswalpha iswblank iswcntrl iswctype
iswdigit iswgraph iswlower iswprint
iswpunct iswspace iswupper iswxdigit

- starting with J:

j0 j0f j0l j1
j1f j1l jn jnf
jnl jrand48 jrand48_r

- starting with K:

key_decryptsession key_encryptsession key_gendes key_secretkey_is_set
key_setsecret killpg klogctl

- starting with L:

l64a labs lber-decode lber-encode
lber-memory lber-types lckpwdf lcong48
lcong48_r ldap ldap_abandon ldap_abandon_ext
ldap_add ldap_add_ext ldap_add_ext_s ldap_add_s
ldap_attributetype2name ldap_attributetype2str ldap_attributetype_free ldap_bind
ldap_bind_s ldap_compare ldap_compare_ext ldap_compare_ext_s
ldap_compare_s ldap_count_entries ldap_count_messages ldap_count_references
ldap_count_values ldap_count_values_len ldap_dcedn2dn ldap_delete
ldap_delete_ext ldap_delete_ext_s ldap_delete_s ldap_dn2ad_canonical
ldap_dn2dcedn ldap_dn2str ldap_dn2ufn ldap_err2string
ldap_errlist ldap_error ldap_explode_dn ldap_explode_rdn
ldap_first_attribute ldap_first_entry ldap_first_message ldap_first_reference
ldap_free_urldesc ldap_get_dn ldap_get_values ldap_get_values_len
ldap_init ldap_is_ldap_url ldap_kerberos_bind1 ldap_kerberos_bind1_s
ldap_kerberos_bind2 ldap_kerberos_bind2_s ldap_kerberos_bind_s ldap_matchingrule2name
ldap_matchingrule2str ldap_matchingrule_free ldap_modify ldap_modify_ext
ldap_modify_ext_s ldap_modify_s ldap_modrdn ldap_modrdn2
ldap_modrdn2_s ldap_modrdn_s ldap_mods_free ldap_msgfree
ldap_msgid ldap_msgtype ldap_next_attribute ldap_next_entry
ldap_next_message ldap_next_reference ldap_objectclass2name ldap_objectclass2str
ldap_objectclass_free ldap_open ldap_parse_extended_result ldap_parse_reference
ldap_parse_result ldap_parse_sasl_bind_result ldap_perror ldap_result
ldap_result2error ldap_sasl_bind ldap_sasl_bind_s ldap_schema
ldap_scherr2str ldap_search ldap_search_ext ldap_search_ext_s
ldap_search_s ldap_search_st ldap_simple_bind ldap_simple_bind_s
ldap_sort ldap_sort_entries ldap_sort_strcasecmp ldap_sort_values
ldap_str2attributetype ldap_str2dn ldap_str2matchingrule ldap_str2objectclass
ldap_str2syntax ldap_syntax2name ldap_syntax2str ldap_syntax_free
ldap_unbind ldap_unbind_ext ldap_unbind_ext_s ldap_unbind_s
ldap_url ldap_url_parse ldap_value_free ldap_value_free_len
ldexp ldexpf ldexpl ldiv
ld_errno lfind lgamma lgammaf
lgammaf_r lgammal lgammal_r lgamma_r
libmng libpbm libpgm libpng
libpnm libppm libxml llabs
lldiv llrint llrintf llrintl
llround llroundf llroundl localeconv
localtime localtime_r lockf log
log10 log10f log10l log1p
log1pf log1pl log2 log2f
log2l logb logbf logbl
logf login login_tty logl
logout logwtmp longjmp lrand48
lrand48_r lrint lrintf lrintl
lround lroundf lroundl lsearch

- starting with M:

makecontext malloc malloc_hook mblen
mbrlen mbrtowc mbsinit mbsnrtowcs
mbsrtowcs mbstowcs mbtowc MB_CUR_MAX
MB_LEN_MAX memalign memccpy memchr
memcmp memcpy memfrob memmem
memmove mempcpy memrchr memset
mkdtemp mkfifo mkstemp mktemp
mktime modf modff modfl
mpool mrand48 mrand48_r mtrace

- starting with N:

NAN nan nanf nanl
nearbyint nearbyintf nearbyintl netlink
nextafter nextafterf nextafterl nexttoward
nexttowardf nexttowardl nftw ngettext
nl_langinfo nrand48 nrand48_r ntohl

- starting with O:

on_exit opendir openlog openpty

- starting with P:

pam_authenticate pam_chauthtok pam_fail_delay pam_get_item
pam_open_session pam_setcred pam_set_item pam_start
pam_strerror passwd2des pathconf pclose
pcre pcreapi pcrebuild pcrecallout
pcrecompat pcrepattern pcreperform pcreposix
pcresample pcre_compile pcre_config pcre_copy_named_substring
pcre_copy_substring pcre_exec pcre_free_substring pcre_free_substring_list
pcre_fullinfo pcre_get_named_substring pcre_get_stringnumber pcre_get_substring
pcre_get_substring_list pcre_info pcre_maketables pcre_study
pcre_version perror pmap_getmaps pmap_getport
pmap_rmtcall pmap_set pmap_unset popen
popt posix_memalign pow pow10
pow10f pow10l powf powl
printf profil psignal pthread_atfork
pthread_attr_init pthread_cancel pthread_cleanup_push pthread_condattr_destroy
pthread_condattr_init pthread_cond_broadcast pthread_cond_destroy pthread_cond_init
pthread_cond_signal pthread_cond_timedwait pthread_cond_wait pthread_create
pthread_detach pthread_equal pthread_exit pthread_getspecific
pthread_join pthread_key_create pthread_key_delete pthread_kill_other_threads_np
pthread_mutexattr_destroy pthread_mutexattr_gettype pthread_mutexattr_init pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np
pthread_mutexattr_settype pthread_mutex_destroy pthread_mutex_init pthread_mutex_lock
pthread_mutex_trylock pthread_mutex_unlock pthread_once pthread_self
pthread_setschedparam pthread_setspecific pthread_sigmask ptsname
putc putchar putchar_unlocked putc_unlocked
putenv putgrent putpwent puts
putspent pututline pututxline putw
putwc putwchar putwchar_unlocked putwc_unlocked

- starting with Q:

qecvt qecvt_r qfcvt qfcvt_r
qgcvt qsort queue

- starting with R:

raise rand random rand_r
rcmd readdir readv realloc
realpath recno regcomp regerror
regex regexec regfree registerrpc
remainder remainderf remainderl remove
remque remquo remquof remquol
resolver res_init res_mkquery res_query
res_querydomain res_search res_send rewind
rewinddir re_comp re_exec rindex
rint rintf rintl round
roundf roundl rpc rresvport
rtime rtnetlink ruserok

- starting with S:

scalb scalbf scalbl scalbln
scalblnf scalblnl scalbn scalbnf
scalbnl scandir scanf seed48
seed48_r seekdir sem_destroy sem_getvalue
sem_init sem_post sem_trywait sem_wait
setaliasent setbuf setbuffer setenv
setfsent setgrent sethostent setjmp
setkey setlinebuf setlocale setlogmask
setmntent setnetent setnetgrent setprotoent
setpwent setrpcent setservent setspent
setstate setttyent setusershell setutent
setutxent setvbuf sgetspent sgetspent_r
shm_open sigaddset sigdelset sigemptyset
sigfillset siginterrupt sigismember siglongjmp
signbit significand significandf significandl
sigsetjmp sigsetops sin sincos
sincosf sincosl sinf sinh
sinhf sinhl sinl sleep
snprintf sprintf sqrt sqrtf
sqrtl srand srand48 srand48_r
srandom sscanf ssignal stdarg
stderr stdin stdio stdio_ext
stdout stpcpy stpncpy strcasecmp
strcat strchr strcmp strcoll
strcpy strcspn strdup strdupa
strerror strerror_r strfmon strfry
strftime string strlen strncasecmp
strncat strncmp strncpy strndup
strndupa strnlen strpbrk strptime
strrchr strsep strsignal strspn
strstr strtod strtof strtoimax
strtok strtok_r strtol strtold
strtoll strtoq strtoul strtoull
strtoumax strtouq strverscmp strxfrm
svcerr_auth svcerr_decode svcerr_noproc svcerr_noprog
svcerr_progvers svcerr_systemerr svcerr_weakauth svcfd_create
svcraw_create svctcp_create svcudp_bufcreate svcudp_create
svc_destroy svc_freeargs svc_getargs svc_getcaller
svc_getreq svc_getreqset svc_register svc_run
svc_sendreply svc_unregister swab swapcontext
swprintf sysconf syslog system

- starting with T:

tan tanf tanh tanhf
tanhl tanl tcdrain tcflow
tcflush tcgetattr tcgetpgrp tcgetsid
tcsendbreak tcsetattr tcsetpgrp tdelete
tdestroy telldir tempnam termios
textdomain tfind tgamma tgammaf
tgammal timegm timelocal tktable
tmpfile tmpnam tmpnam_r toascii
tolower toupper towctrans towlower
towupper trunc truncf truncl
tsearch ttyname ttyname_r ttyslot
twalk tzset

- starting with U:

ualarm ulckpwdf ulimit undocumented
ungetc ungetwc unlocked_stdio unlockpt
unsetenv updwtmp usleep utmpname

- starting with V:

valloc vasprintf va_arg va_copy
va_end va_start vdprintf verr
verrx versionsort vfprintf vfscanf
vfwprintf vprintf vscanf vsnprintf
vsprintf vsscanf vswprintf vsyslog
vwarn vwarnx vwprintf

- starting with W:

warn warnx wcpcpy wcpncpy
wcrtomb wcscasecmp wcscat wcschr
wcscmp wcscpy wcscspn wcsdup
wcslen wcsncasecmp wcsncat wcsncmp
wcsncpy wcsnlen wcsnrtombs wcspbrk
wcsrchr wcsrtombs wcsspn wcsstr
wcstoimax wcstok wcstombs wcstoumax
wcswidth wctob wctomb wctrans
wctype wcwidth wmemchr wmemcmp
wmemcpy wmemmove wmempcpy wmemset
wordexp wordfree wprintf writev

- starting with X:

xcrypt Xcursor xdecrypt xdr
xdrmem_create xdrrec_create xdrrec_endofrecord xdrrec_eof
xdrrec_skiprecord xdrstdio_create xdr_accepted_reply xdr_array
xdr_authunix_parms xdr_bool xdr_bytes xdr_callhdr
xdr_callmsg xdr_char xdr_destroy xdr_double
xdr_enum xdr_float xdr_free xdr_getpos
xdr_inline xdr_int xdr_long xdr_opaque
xdr_opaque_auth xdr_pmap xdr_pmaplist xdr_pointer
xdr_reference xdr_rejected_reply xdr_replymsg xdr_setpos
xdr_short xdr_string xdr_union xdr_u_char
xdr_u_int xdr_u_long xdr_u_short xdr_vector
xdr_void xdr_wrapstring xencrypt xprt_register

- starting with Y:

y0 y0f y0l y1
y1f y1l yn ynf

- starting with Z:


- starting with _:

_flushlbf __fbufsize __flbf __fpending
__fpurge __freadable __freading __fsetlocking
__fwritable __fwriting __malloc_hook __setfpucw

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