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Man Pages in section 2 (System calls)

- starting with A:

accept access acct adjtime
adjtimex afs_syscall alarm alloc_hugepages

- starting with B:

bdflush bind break brk

- starting with C:

cacheflush capget capset chdir
chmod chown chroot clone
close connect creat create_module

- starting with D:

delete_module dup dup2

- starting with E:

epoll_create epoll_ctl epoll_wait execve
exit exit_group

- starting with F:

fchdir fchmod fchown fcntl
FD_ZERO flock fork free_hugepages
fstat fstatfs fstatvfs fsync
ftruncate futex

- starting with G:

getcontext getdents getdomainname getdtablesize
getegid geteuid getgid getgroups
gethostid gethostname getitimer getpagesize
getpeername getpgid getpgrp getpid
getpmsg getppid getpriority getresgid
getresuid getrlimit getrusage getsid
getsockname getsockopt gettid gettimeofday
getuid get_kernel_syms get_thread_area gtty

- starting with I:

idle inb inb_p init_module
inl inl_p insb insl
insw intro inw inw_p
ioctl ioctl_list ioperm iopl
io_cancel io_destroy io_getevents io_setup
io_submit ipc

- starting with K:

kill killpg

- starting with L:

lchown link listen llseek
lock lookup_dcookie lseek lstat

- starting with M:

madvise mincore mkdir mknod
mlock mlockall mmap mmap2
modify_ldt mount mprotect mpx
mremap msgctl msgget msgop
msgrcv msgsnd msync munlock
munlockall munmap

- starting with N:

nanosleep nfsservctl nice

- starting with O:

obsolete oldfstat oldlstat oldolduname
oldstat olduname open outb
outb_p outl outl_p outsb
outsl outsw outw outw_p

- starting with P:

path_resolution pause pciconfig_iobase pciconfig_read
pciconfig_write personality pipe pivot_root
poll posix_fadvise prctl pread
prof pselect ptrace putpmsg

- starting with Q:

query_module quotactl

- starting with R:

read readahead readdir readlink
readv reboot recv recvfrom
recvmsg remap_file_pages rename rmdir

- starting with S:

sbrk sched_getaffinity sched_getparam sched_getscheduler
sched_get_priority_max sched_get_priority_min sched_rr_get_interval sched_setaffinity
sched_setparam sched_setscheduler sched_yield security
select select_tut semctl semget
semop semtimedop send sendfile
sendmsg sendto setcontext setdomainname
setegid seteuid setfsgid setfsuid
setgid setgroups sethostid sethostname
setitimer setpgid setpgrp setpriority
setregid setresgid setresuid setreuid
setrlimit setsid setsockopt settimeofday
setuid setup set_thread_area set_tid_address
sgetmask shmat shmctl shmdt
shmget shmop shutdown sigaction
sigaltstack sigblock siggetmask sigmask
signal sigpause sigpending sigprocmask
sigqueue sigreturn sigsetmask sigsuspend
sigtimedwait sigvec sigwaitinfo socket
socketcall socketpair ssetmask sstk
stat statfs statvfs stime
stty swapoff swapon symlink
sync syscall syscalls sysctl
sysfs sysinfo syslog

- starting with T:

tgkill time times tkill

- starting with U:

umask umount umount2 uname
undocumented unimplemented unlink uselib
ustat utime utimes

- starting with V:

vfork vhangup vm86

- starting with W:

wait wait3 wait4 waitpid
write writev

- starting with _:

_exit _Exit _llseek _newselect

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