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- in section 1 (User commands):

i386-linux-cpp i386-linux-cpp-3.3 i386-linux-g++ i386-linux-g++-3.3
i386-linux-g77 i386-linux-g77-3.3 i386-linux-gcc i386-linux-gcc-3.3
i486-linux-cpp-3.3 i486-linux-g++-3.3 i486-linux-g77-3.3 i486-linux-gcc-3.3
ical2vcal icombine icontopbm iconv
iconx id ident identify
idle idle-python2.1 idle-python2.2 idle-python2.3
idnconv idxmerge ifnames ifnames2.13
ijoin ilbmtoppm ImageMagick imagetops
imgtoppm imlib-config import includeres
indent indxbib info infobrowser
infocmp infokey infotocap inimf
inimpost iniomega initex install
install-menu instmodsh intro ispell
ispell-wrapper itclsh itclsh3.1 itkwish

- in section 1x (X Window System programs):

iceauth ico imake

- in section 2 (System calls):

idle inb inb_p init_module
inl inl_p insb insl
insw intro inw inw_p
ioctl ioctl_list ioperm iopl
io_cancel io_destroy io_getevents io_setup
io_submit ipc

- in section 3 (Library functions):

iconv iconv_close iconv_open ilogb
ilogbf ilogbl imaxabs imaxdiv
index inet inet_addr inet_aton
inet_lnaof inet_makeaddr inet_netof inet_network
inet_ntoa inet_ntop inet_pton INFINITY
initgroups initstate innetgr insque
intro iruserok isalnum isalpha
isascii isatty isblank iscntrl
isdigit isfinite isgraph isgreater
isgreaterequal isinf isinff isinfl
isless islessequal islessgreater islower
isnan isnormal isprint ispunct
isspace isunordered isupper iswalnum
iswalpha iswblank iswcntrl iswctype
iswdigit iswgraph iswlower iswprint
iswpunct iswspace iswupper iswxdigit

- in section 3menu (ncurses - SVR4 compatible screen menus):

items item_count item_description item_index
item_init item_name item_opts item_opts_off
item_opts_on item_term item_userptr item_value

- in section 3ncurses (ncurses (terminal screen painting)):

idcok idlok immedok inch
inchnstr inchstr initscr init_color
init_pair innstr innwstr inopts
insch insdelln insertln insnstr
insstr instr ins_nwstr ins_wch
ins_wstr intrflush inwstr in_wch
in_wchnstr in_wchstr isendwin is_linetouched
is_term_resized is_wintouched

- in section 3ssl (SSL library):

i2d_ASN1_OBJECT i2d_DHparams i2d_DSAPrivateKey i2d_DSAPublicKey
i2d_DSA_PUBKEY i2d_DSA_SIG i2d_Netscape_RSA i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_bio
i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_fp i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_nid_bio i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_nid_fp i2d_RSAPrivateKey
i2d_RSAPublicKey i2d_RSA_PUBKEY i2d_SSL_SESSION i2d_X509
i2d_X509_ALGOR i2d_X509_bio i2d_X509_CRL i2d_X509_CRL_bio
i2d_X509_CRL_fp i2d_X509_fp i2d_X509_NAME i2d_X509_REQ
i2d_X509_REQ_bio i2d_X509_REQ_fp i2d_X509_SIG

- in section 3x (X Window System library):

ImageByteOrder IsCursorKey IsFunctionKey IsKeypadKey
IsMiscFunctionKey IsModiferKey IsPFKey IsPrivateKeypadKey

- in section 4 (Device files):

initrd intro ipfw ipfw-ipchainsalternative

- in section 4x (X Window System):

i128 i740 i810 imstt

- in section 5 (File formats):

inetd.conf info initscript inittab
interfaces intro ipc ispell

- in section 6 (Games):


- in section 7 (Miscellaneous):

icmp intro ip IPPROTO_ICMP
ipv6 iso-8859-1 iso-8859-15 iso-8859-16
iso-8859-2 iso-8859-7 iso-8859-9 iso_8859-1
iso_8859-15 iso_8859-16 iso_8859-2 iso_8859-7
iso_8859-9 iso_8859_1 iso_8859_15 iso_8859_16
iso_8859_2 iso_8859_7 iso_8859_9

- in section 8 (System administration commands):

iconvconfig identd ifconfig ifdown
ifup ikeygen in.comsat in.fingerd
in.identtestd in.ntalkd in.talkd inetd
init insmod install-docs install-info
install-keymap install-mbr install-sgmlcatalog installkernel
intro invoke-rc.d ip6tables ip6tables-restore
ip6tables-save ipchains ipchains-restore ipchains-save
ipcrm ipcs ipfwadm ipfwadm-ipchainsalternative
ipfwadm-wrapper ipmasqadm ippool iptables
iptables-restore iptables-save isodump isoinfo
isovfy ispell-autobuildhash ispellconfig

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