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- in section 1 (User commands):

a2p a5booklet aaxine abiword
AbiWord-2.2 abw2html access aclocal
aclocal-1.6 acpi_available addftinfo addr2line
afm2tfm afmtodit album allcm
allec allneeded amstex analog
animate anytopnm apg apgbfm
apm_available apropos apt-extracttemplates apt-ftparchive
apt-sortpkgs ar arch artscat
artsd artsdsp artsmessage artsplay
artsrec artsshell artswrapper as
as86 asciitopgm aspell aspell-import
at atktopbm atq atrm
audiocompose audiosend autoconf autoconf2.13
autoconf2.50 autoheader autoheader2.13 autoheader2.50
autom4te automake automake-1.6 autopoint
autoproject autoreconf autoreconf2.13 autoreconf2.50
autoscan autoscan2.13 autoupdate autoupdate2.13

- in section 1ssl (SSL programs):


- in section 1x (X Window System programs):

appres atobm

- in section 2 (System calls):

accept access acct adjtime
adjtimex afs_syscall alarm alloc_hugepages

- in section 3 (Library functions):

a64l abort abs acos
acosf acosh acoshf acoshl
acosl addmntent addseverity aio_cancel
aio_error aio_fsync aio_read aio_return
aio_suspend aio_write alloca alphasort
argz_add argz_add_sep argz_append argz_count
argz_create argz_create_sep argz_delete argz_extract
argz_insert argz_next argz_replace argz_stringify
asctime asctime_r asin asinf
asinh asinhf asinhl asinl
asprintf assert assert_perror atan
atan2 atan2f atan2l atanf
atanh atanhf atanhl atanl
atexit atof atoi atol
atoll atoq authnone_create authunix_create
authunix_create_default auth_destroy

- in section 3menu (ncurses - SVR4 compatible screen menus):


- in section 3nas (Network Audio System library):

AuAnyEvent AuBucketAttributes AuCloseServer AuConvertDataToShort
AuConvertShortToData AuCreateBucket AuCreateFlow AuDataFormats
AuDataTypes AuDefineToFormat AuDestroyBucket AuDestroyFlow
AuDeviceAttributes AuDispatchEvent AuElement AuElementNotifyEvent
AuElementParameters AuElementState AuErrorEvent AuEvent
AuEventsQueued AuFileFormats AuFixedPointFractionalAddend AuFixedPointFromFraction
AuFixedPointFromSum AuFixedPointIntegralAddend AuFixedPointRoundDown AuFixedPointRoundUp
AuFlush AuFormatToDefine AuFormatToString AuFreeBucketAttributes
AuFreeDeviceAttributes AuFreeElements AuFreeElementStates AuGetBucketAttributes
AuGetCloseDownMode AuGetDeviceAttributes AuGetElementParameters AuGetElements
AuGetElementStates AuGetErrorDatabaseText AuGetErrorText AuGetScratchFlow
AuGetScratchFlowFromBucket AuGetScratchFlowToBucket AuGetServerTime AuGrabNotifyEvent
AuHandleEvents AuIDOfEvent AuInputTrack AuKillClient
AuListBuckets AuListDevices AuLookupEventHandler AuMakeChangeStateAction
AuMakeElementAddConstant AuMakeElementBundle AuMakeElementExportBucket AuMakeElementExportClient
AuMakeElementExportDevice AuMakeElementExportMonitor AuMakeElementImportBucket AuMakeElementImportClient
AuMakeElementImportDevice AuMakeElementImportWaveForm AuMakeElementMultiplyConstant AuMakeElementState
AuMakeElementSum AuMakeInputTrack AuMakeNoopAction AuMakeSendNotifyAction
AuMonitorDevice AuMonitorNotifyEvent AuNextEvent AuOpenServer
AuPauseFlow AuReadElement AuRegisterEventHandler AuReleaseScratchFlow
AuRequeueEvent AuScanEvents AuScanForTypedEvent AuServer
AuServerName AuSetBucketAttributes AuSetCloseDownMode AuSetDeviceAttributes
AuSetElementParameters AuSetElements AuSetElementStates AuSetErrorHandler
AuSetIOErrorHandler AuSetString AuSoundCreateBucketFromData AuSoundCreateBucketFromFile
AuSoundCreateDataFromBucket AuSoundCreateFileFromBucket AuSoundPlay AuSoundPlayFromBucket
AuSoundPlayFromData AuSoundPlayFromFile AuSoundPlaySynchronousFromFile AuSoundRecord
AuSoundRecordToBucket AuSoundRecordToData AuSoundRecordToFile AuSoundRecordToFileN
AuStartFlow AuStopFlow AuStringToFormat AuStringToWaveForm
AuSync AuSynchronize AuUnregisterEventHandler AuWaveFormToString

- in section 3ncurses (ncurses (terminal screen painting)):

addch addchnstr addchstr addnstr
addnwstr addstr addwstr add_wch
add_wchnstr add_wchstr assume_default_colors attr
attroff attron attrset attr_get
attr_off attr_on attr_set

- in section 3ssl (SSL library):

ASN1_STRING_dup ASN1_STRING_free ASN1_STRING_length ASN1_STRING_length_set
ASN1_STRING_new ASN1_STRING_print_ex ASN1_STRING_print_ex_fp ASN1_STRING_set
ASN1_STRING_type ASN1_STRING_type_new

- in section 3x (X Window System library):


- in section 4x (X Window System):


- in section 5 (File formats):

acct addresses adduser.conf american
american-english apt.conf apt_preferences at.allow

- in section 6 (Games):

ace_canfield ace_freecell ace_golf ace_mastermind
ace_merlin ace_minesweeper ace_of_penguins ace_pegged
ace_solitaire ace_taipedit ace_taipei ace_thornq
adventure animals arithmetic armagetron
armagetron.real atc

- in section 7 (Miscellaneous):

AF_LOCAL AF_UNIX arp ascii

- in section 8 (System administration commands):

ab accept accessdb activate
addgroup adduser apache apache-modconf
apacheconfig apachectl apt apt-cache
apt-cdrom apt-config apt-get apt-setup
aptitude arp atd atrun

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