Nature's Laws

Superstring Theory: Conclusions

B. E. Baaquie and Marakani Srikant, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore
  1. Massless states of the string compose all of the physical reality observed in our world.
  2. Masses of observed particles are a 'soft' effect originating at large distances.
  3. Spacetime is at least 10-dimensional.
  4. String theory provides a quantum theory of gravity and unifies all the interactions and constituents into a single entity.

Some important unsolved questions are :

  1. How to compactify 10 dimensions to 6+4 dimensions? Alternatively, is our world a 3-brane?
  2. What is happening at distances smaller than 10-35m?
  3. How do we experimentally verify the existence of strings?
  4. We need to develop new mathermatics in areas of algebraic geometry, Riemann surfaces, affine Lie algebras, singular geometries, number theory and so on.

Last updated: 06 March, 2000

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